How to Start Losing Weight

How to Start Losing WeighDo not believe that a few days or weeks draconian diet pass to the gym will help you get rid of excess weight. Lasting effects can give only a change of habits.

1. Eat less but often

Ideally, you should prepare five small meals. You need to eat regularly to have the strength i .. would not go hungry. If a half-day did not eat, it is quite likely that in the end “throw” on the refrigerator, consuming far too much. Remember that your stomach needs about 15 minutes to notify the brain that it is full. Having quickly, so we eat far too much. Ideally, each meal lasted about half an hour.

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2. Do not give up breakfast

The first meal should be eaten within a half hour of getting out of bed. If you leave (or delay) breakfast, your body release energy expenditure and it will accumulate as fat. Morning is also intensive production of gastric juices, so if someone resigns from the first regular meal, can lead to damage to the gastric mucosa, resulting in the inflammation and ulcers.

drink still water3. Drink still water

Glass drunk before a meal will make you eat less (because you have a little stomach filled). You should drink about three liters of fluid a day. Top niskozmineralizowanej water. Good teas are also heavily diluted fruit juices. Forget now a strong cup of coffee, black tea and sweetened soft drinks. Drink water or with a view to beauty. Thanks to her cellulite is no longer visible!

4. Be active daily!

Keep in mind that weight loss has a systematic training. No intensity, because this should be at a moderate level, especially at the beginning. Best to start with walking, swimming in the pool or riding a bike. It is important to exercise lasted about an hour and was repeated three times a week. After about 10 minutes of exercising muscles performing work consume glucose and free fatty acids circulating in the blood. After another 30 minutes, the body begins to reach the reserve fat (hips, abdomen …).

Diet Supplements5. Reap supplements

Tablets containing chromium to help win the appetite of a wolf. The C.L.A. is conjugated linoleic acid, which helps to reduce body fat (like working with green tea extract and L-carnitine). Apple cider vinegar helps in cleansing.

6. Give yourself time

The fastest and most effectively lose weight is by taking the first attempt to shed excess weight. Every is getting more difficult and needs more and more prohibitive. Meanwhile, the sooner dropped weight, the faster you get fat again. Physiological norm is losing weight kilogram per week on average.


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